Message from the Alumni Relations Committee


Dear Sandford Alumni
The Creation of The Sandford Alumni Association is just a subject that has been on all Alumni Minds for many years. Although there have been different Groups all around the world, Alumni did not have the opportunity to create one Alumni Association under the schools umbrella until now. Approximately one year ago a few Alumni Approached members of Sanford’s Board Of Governors with the idea of forming an Alumni Association. This idea was Welcomed Positively by the Board of Governors. Since that Start of this School Year these few Alumni, the school Manager and a designated Board Member started meeting regularly to create a temporary Alumni relations Committee. This Temporary Committee was created in October 2010. The committee members were all volunteers that meet up consistently to shape the formal SISA.


The following were the Committee Members-
W/rt Sofanit Mulugeta Founder and Current board member (Alumni )
Ato Ahmed Ali, Founder and Current board member (Alumni)
Ato Nebiyou Essayas Founder and Ex Board member (Alumni)
Ato Kumlachew Aberra, Founder and current Board Member
Ato Mekonnen Wondimu, Founder and current board member (Advisor)


With the Help of the Alumni in Ethiopia and all over the world the committee’s task was to organize a SISA reunion for all Alumni students. From this point onwards ARC laid the framework for the creation of a formal Alumni Association. At this time all Alumni will be invited to participate and elect their representatives.

Once established the Alumni Association will benefit the Alumni, school, parents, students and the community in many ways. It will provide-

Connect, Serve, Commit and Aspire
Coordination of significant Alumni support
Influential networks all around the world for its students
A large pool of financial support for projects
A large pool of support for charitable projects
Assistance with scholarship programs for students’ higher education


Milestone # 1 In February 2011 the committee hosted Sandford International School’s first formal Alumni Reunion. The successful reunion welcomed hundreds of Alumni from the 1950s onwards. It was surprising to see so many who flew in from all parts of the world to reunite with their brethren and celebrate their commonalty, “SANDFORD”. People who have not seen each other for decades picked up on conversations like it was yesterday that they walked through the school compound.


Milestone # 2 After the Reunion the Alumni Relations Committee has been diligently working on building a solid Alumni Association within the Sandford International School Endowment’s framework. This took many meetings, consultation with legal authorities, and negotiations. It consisted of establishing bylaws that were applicable to Sandford’s unique status. Membership benefits and responsibilities had to drafted and agreed upon. The committee was able lay a positive framework for a strong, vibrant and everlasting Alumni Association which exists within Sandford International School Endowment’s umbrella.


Milestone # 3 the Alumni relations Committee (ARC), after careful consideration of the School, Alumni and resources, decided to hold the 2nd Alumni reunion in March 2013 (After 2 years). We are all here to embrace Sandford’s 2nd Alumni Reunion. This reunion is an official strat to many more to come under the newly established Alumni Association. With this platform we be able to cherish that which fed our minds, warmed our heart and nourished our soul. Lots of amazing new membership tires, welcoming package, online existence, SISA office in school, Alumni Data base has been
To be a part of the Sandford family is a privilege that was bestowed upon us. With this privilege comes responsibility as Sandfordians.


In line with what we want to achieve at SISA, we have created the SISA to allow us “CONNECT” with our past. We are who we are because of our colorful, vibrant, and diverse childhood.


“SERVE” as loyal stewards who protect and preserve all that is very special about this place, so that future generations can experience what all of us experienced “A first class education where friendships are born and grow stronger every year”.


“COMMIT” to high standards and stay focused on Sanford’s academic distinctiveness, being an engaged school, embracing diversity, serving our students and preserving our community. Sanford’s successes and accomplishments are a direct result of your commitment, involvement, loyalty and support.


“ASPIRE” to make sure Sanford’s short and long term goals and objectives are met. Supporting your alma mater for future graduates assures that others can also have the same opportunities.


We at ARC have played a decisive role in not only Establishing the first formal Alumni Association at sandford put directions, process and place, branded our image as well as made sure we reach out to as many alumni as we can. But we have also partnered with the school and the business community that has allowed the 2nd Alumni reunion to happen. The Board of Directors, School Administration, and Alumni Association have pledged to build upon the core values that sustain this wonderful school. I now ask you to pledge your time, effort and resources to assist SISA realize its ambitious goal as a team, we envision the Alumni to not only be an asset to the school but also to Ethiopia.


Thank you for being such loyal Sandford Alumni.

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