Sandford International School Revised Admissions Policy and Procedures

One of the objectives of Sandford International School in the provision of high quality education is to
ensure that students are admitted to the school regardless of their nationality, race, gender and religion
as long as they meet the required admission criteria. To this end the Board of Governors has adopted
this admission policy and procedures. A transparent and clear admission policy will have the following

• It ensures the best possible service to new student applicants and their families.
• It helps to continuously monitor the numbers of places that are available for admitting new
• It will ensure that new students are accurately assessed for placement in the correct class
• Ensures that potential students and their families are kept fully inform about the status of their

It provides clear information to school administration for monitoring fees and other payments with
respect to new students.


Students Classification
One of the features that make Sandford unique institution is its policy of educating national and
international students using an internationally recognized educational curriculum. This has been a proud
tradition of the school since its inception in the late 1940s. In order to better serve parents and
students, the school classifies students into two categories.
a. International students: Shall mean students where at least one of the parent holds a valid
foreign passport
b. National Students: shall mean students where at least one of the parent holds valid Ethiopian
In order to realistically serve students and keep the a reasonable balance of the mix of students, the
school has allocated 40% of places across all year groups to international students and 60% to national
students. As far as possible this mix will be maintained in both Primary and Secondary divisions.

Admission procedures
The first contact that a potential student’s family has with Sandford International School is through the Admissions
Office. It is therefore of utmost importance that all stages of the application process are handled professionally
and provide an ongoing supply of clear information prior to admission. The following steps should be followed in
all cases, with a clear understanding that the applicants are ‘customers’ of the school.

International Students
All families applying to Sandford will be met by the Admissions Officer. Should the Admissions Officer not be
available, the School secretary or the principals of primary and secondary will meet the family. Initial information
to be given will include the school brochure, fee details and application form(s) plus written details of testing dates
and procedures.

International parents applying for admission of their children should note that the school maintains a waiting list to
fairly allocate places in all year groups on first‐come‐first‐serve basis. It is therefore important to submit all
required documentation to the Admissions Office and learn where your applications are in the waiting list. Since
admission of siblings is going to be handled on the basis of available places, it is highly recommended for
international parents to get their younger children registered on the waiting list.

Applicants will be given a tour of the School campus, particularly the sections of the School to which the student is
applying. This tour should be done by the Admissions Officer or heads of divisions or school secretary.


The details are as follow >>>


For more information please contact Admission Secretary at 251-11-123 38 92.

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